What Solar Panels Do – The Ultimate Guide To Solar Panels

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What Do Solar Panels Do? The Ultimate Guide to Solar panels

Considering all the clamor for embracing renewable energy sources, most people have a fair idea of what solar panels are. While most people know about solar panels, they are often ignorant about the history of how humans have harnessed the power of the sun for centuries. While solar energy seems like a relatively modern concept, it has actually been around since the early to mid 1800s. 

The Start of solar panels

Edmond Becquerel is credited as the first man to generate electric current using solar energy. In 1839, the 19-year-old French physicist achieved this by using gold plates dipped in a conducting solution and exposing them to the sunlight.

Other notable names like Charles Fritts and David Chapin tinkered with Becquerel’s idea through the years. Through their efforts, the material for solar panels morphed from lab conductors to selenium and then silicon. But it wasn’t until the 2000s, especially from 2010, that solar panels gained mass adoption.

Despite the obvious mass adoption, there are still millions of individuals who are ignorant about how solar panels work. Additionally despite the mass adoption, people often also have a hard time finding a reliable place to get solar panels installations in Indiana or Kentucky. 

Image of Edmond Becquerel, the father of solar panels

What Do Solar Panels Do?

Solar Panels, like all solar technologies, are used to convert sunlight into electric currents. This conversion is done through photovoltaic (PV) cells or other mirror mediums that concentrate solar radiation. When sunlight hits a solar panel, cells in the panel absorb photons from the sunlight. The absorption generates an electric field that causes electricity to flow. 

It is reported that the accumulated amount of sunlight that the earth receives in less than 2 hours is enough to supply global energy demand for a year. However, a lot of this energy is lost. Despite advancements in solar technologies, we can’t capture 100% of all the sunlight the earth needs. However, a few companies like Ohio Valley Solar have made laudable efforts in that regard. Here at Ohio Valley Solar, we provide reliable and affordable solar panels for Indiana and Kentucky homes that guarantee maximum sunlight absorption and retention.

Solar panels are great for harnessing solar energy and converting the same to electricity. Another method or technology used to harness the sun’s energy is CSP (Concentrated Solar Power). CSP works differently. It converts sunlight first to heat and then generates electricity from this. This solar technology uses mirrors to concentrate sunlight on specialized receivers. The receivers in turn collate solar energy and convert it to heat. The concentration is done with the aid of mirrors. Due to the technical implications, the CSP method of generating electricity is usually reserved for large isolated power plants.

For more on what solar panels do, visit here

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Why are solar panels necessary? 7 Benefits of solar energy

  1. Clean source of energy
  2. Solar energy is renewable
  3. Cost saving + Reduce electricity bill
  4. Earn tax credits and rebates
  5. Control your electricity
  6. Increase the value of your home
  7. Zero maintenance + Durable source of power

Clean source of energy

Clean energy refers to all forms of energy or methods of generating energy from renewable sources without polluting the environment. Solar energy is a great example of clean energy. 

Research has proven that if solar power is efficiently harnessed, our nation could save $167 billion from projected health and environmental damages. Solar power also has the capacity to prevent 25,000-29,000 deaths that would otherwise result from the prevalent power-sector emissions. 

The sun is a clean, emission-free, and renewable source of energy. Energy sources such as coal and natural gas emit harmful pollutants into the air and bodies of water. Plus, they also cost more to operate. Installing solar panels help reduce your carbon footprint and eliminate harmful emissions associated with using conventional energy sources. If you care about the environment and desire a cleaner future, you should invest in renewable energy today. 

It is pertinent to add that purchasing solar panels for your Indiana or Kentucky home generally saves money and overall contributes to a healthier environment. These factors determine how much is saved when you go solar: 

  1. The size and efficiency of your solar panel/system
  2. Electricity consumption
  3. Local electricity tariff rate

Renewable Energy Source

The sun is the source of solar power. This invariably means, as long as the sun doesn’t go extinct or take time off for a vacation in the Bahamas, energy production is guaranteed. As the world tilts towards more sustainability and efficiency, a lot of what constitutes energy sources today will become obsolete in the future. However, it is highly unlikely that there will come a time when humanity does not look to the sun as a source of energy. Neither will the sun’s strength wane and stop giving energy. Instead, we see the opposite. There has been a significant increase in the intensity of sunlight we are receiving in recent times. 

What is renewable energy? This refers to the energy that can be sourced from sustainable resources like hydropower, wind power, or solar energy. This is why a solar panel installation is often regarded as a long-term investment with almost zero risk. Decades from now, you will still enjoy the benefits of a solar panel system personally…and even on a wider scale, based on the effect on our environment.

Cost Saving/Reduce Electricity Bills

Electricity cost is at an all-time high. All of our customers here at Ohio Valley Solar can attest that our Indiana and Kentucky solar panels have drastically decreased their electric bill. Ironically, we have found that the cost of solar panels and access to solar energy have dropped drastically while the cost of conventional energy sources has skyrocketed.

Our solar panel installation in Newburgh, Indiana ensures your utility bills are lower than usual. Without mincing words, getting solar technology is a long-term, low-risk investment. You can never go wrong going solar. Contact us right away for affordable solar panels in Indiana or Kentucky. 

Earn Tax Credits + Rebates

The US government made it possible for homeowners who purchase home solar systems to receive several incentives. The incentives are a concerted effort of federal, state, and local governments to encourage the wider adoption of solar energy. Getting a solar panel or installing solar systems on your home entitles you to solar rebates and incentives such as: 

  • Tax exemptions
  • Cash rebates
  • Federal investment tax credits
  • Stat tax crediit
  • Solar renewable energy credits
  • Performance-based initiatives 
  • Net metering

Through the above and other incentives, the government subsidizes the cost of solar panel installation and still gives you all sorts of financial benefits to ensure you enjoy cleaner energy. You can’t go wrong choosing solar energy. There are also great financing options that help you purchase solar panels in Indiana and Kentucky at little to no cost. Click here to find out more. 

Control You Electricity

The past ten years have witnessed a hike in electricity costs and it is projected to go higher. Instead of subjecting your budget to the whims of your local electric company, we advise you get a solar system to mitigate peak electricity rates. Also, considering the frequent power outages that follow adverse weather conditions and grid problems, getting a solar panel is the smartest energy choice right now. Beyond just renewable energy, solar technology gives you the power to control your electricity from a financial standpoint and also from a supple access.

Visit here for secrets on Off Grid Vs Grid Tied methods of taking control of your electricity. 

Increase Your Home's Value

A recent report from Lawrence Berkeley National Library proves home buyers are willing to pay more for homes with solar systems. The study finds that individuals pay premiums of about $15,000 for properties with solar panels installed. This means that solar panel installations do not only deliver power to you, but it also powers the value of your home. 

Low Maintenance Cost + Durable Source of Power

Solar systems are built to last for over a decade with little maintenance. However, solar panel companies in Indiana like Ohio Valley Solar, offer great solar panels with a longer lifespan. Solar panels come with a monitoring system that show the accurate amount of KWh being produced. You can reach out to solar panel installers whenever there is a drop in energy conversion (if all other factors remain unchanged). 

Solar energy is durable and reliable. On the days when there is low conversion, you can still access stored energy in batteries. There is a misconception that solar energy works best when the temperature is hot and the sun is sunny. On the contrary, sunny cool days make for better performance. Ohio Valley provides solar panels in Indiana and Kentucky that can function in and withstand rain, snow, high winds, lightning, and even hail. These weather conditions might reduce performance of the solar system, but they will still perform. 

Factors that Influence the Performance of solar Panels

  • Temperature
  • Energy conversion efficiency
  • Solar shedding
  • Climatic condition
  • Operation and monitoring
  • Maintenance 
  • Roof orientation

Need the best solar panel installation company in Newburgh, Indiana? 

The world has reached a point where we understand how toxic and expensive our romance with greenhouse gasses is. The way forward is solar energy — cost efficient, good for the environment, and absolutely reliable.

If you decide to go solar or have more inquiries about solar panel installations in Newburgh, Indiana, contact Ohio Valley Solar right away. We are easily the most reliable solar panel company in Newburgh. We receive only glowing reviews from experts and clients because we give nothing but the best when it comes to solar panel installations.

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