10 Advantages of Solar Panels

Advantages Of Solar Panels

10 Advantages of Solar Panels You Might Not Know About

Did you know that solar panels have several advantages? We are at a point in history where the consequences of traditional energy consumption are no longer just a theory. Every part of the world is feeling the impact of Co2 emissions and climate change. This is why all over the globe, frantic efforts are being made to mass-distribute alternative and renewable sources of energy. Chief among these alternatives is solar energy.

It is true that one of the many advantages of getting solar panes is having a reliable and cheaper source of energy. However, by going solar, you also help reduce greenhouse gasses emissions and their consequences such as:

  • Global warming
  • Ozone layer depletion
  • Extinction of certain species
  • Environmental degradation

How Do Solar Panels Help?

Getting solar panels is not only a smart investment in your energy needs. Not only will you benefit from solar panels, but it also helps the world as well with several environmental benefits. There are several benefits and advantages of solar panels such as that this blog will discuss. 


What are the Advantages of Solar Panels?

1. Solar Energy is a Clean Renewable Source

In June 2022, the supreme court ruled against the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to control greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. This invariably means the grid has been operating on and will continue to operate on fossil fuels. We have initially examined some of the effects of fossil fuels on the environment. With solar panels, you have access to clean energy that doesn’t have negative effects on the environment. 

Renewable energy refers to energy or energy sources that are easily replenished. Among these is hydroelectric, bioenergy, tidal, and solar energy. Studies have shown a full day of sunlight can cover our energy needs for about 25 years! Unlike fossil fuels that are more likely to suffer from depletion, solar energy is a gift that keeps giving — clean and renewable. Hence, with solar panels, you never have to worry about Co2 emissions or energy depletion because the sun never goes on a vacation. 

2. Reduce Electric Bills

The national average price for electricity as of June (2022) was $0.166 per kilowatt/hour, while the solar equivalent is $0.06 per kWh. With the rising cost of most things, it is smart to cut down your electricity bill by getting a solar panel system. With the installation of solar panels, you can monitor and control your energy usage and even pay less for more. 

3. Minimal Maintenance and Long Lifespan

It takes a minimal amount of effort to maintain your solar panels. With a solar energy system, you only have to worry about dust, fallen leaves, and bird dropping. Most times, all you need to do is just observe them and clean them twice to four times per year to ensure they are in good condition. Cleaning your solar panel system is as simple as washing off any dirt or dust with a hose and a soft sponge. If your solar installation company is like Ohio Valley Solar, they will make sure you are taken care of every step of the way. 

Additionally because your solar panels are built using materials like silicone, your solar panels will be made to last even through severe weather conditions. 

4. Solar Panel Systems can be Tailored to Meet Your Specific Energy Needs

When you are set to go solar, the solar panel installation company will install sun-tracking systems, battery storage, and DC-AC inverters that are perfect for your home and suited to your needs. Everything including the aerial positioning and choice of panels will be determined by you. 

This means that if you want solar panels systems that provide enough electricity to a point where you don’t have to rely on the national grid, you can have that. Also, if what you need are solar panels that are more budget-friendly, that is still your choice. 

5. Reduce Reliance on Fossil Fuels

The sun is not going anywhere soon and solar panels are becoming increasingly cheaper to install. We have established the disadvantages of fossil fuels on the environment. With solar panel installations and use, there is a lesser tendency to use the national grid that is powered by fossil fuels. This means fewer emissions and carbon footprint. 

6. Tax Incentives

Getting solar panels also gives you access to rebates and tax credits. There are financial incentives and initiatives established to encourage more individuals to go solar and also offset some of the costs of getting solar panels.

You should be eligible for the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) as long as your solar panels are installed between 2017 and 2034 and as long as you own the solar panel and not lease it. 

Additionally, solar panel installation qualifies you for a 30% tax credit. It used to be 26% but was increased by congress in August 2022, and the deadline for this tax credit was also moved to 2034. 

What does the federal tax credit cover? In includes the cost of solar panels (inverters, batteries, and other hardware), the cost of installations, sales taxes, etc.

Other financial incentives that follow solar panel installations in Indiana are: 

  • State tax credit
  • Rebate from the state government
  • Renewable energy certificates, etc.

This is why you need a professional solar installation company you can count on to ensure that you receive the tax incentives you deserve by going solar. A good solar panel installation company will have access to all information regarding these tax incentives. 

7. Increase the Value of Your Home or Business

For businesses, solar panel installations also give you access to state and federal tax credits. Your business can benefit greatly from solar tax credits and rebates. Also, using solar energy can be a part of your social responsibility. A lot of fossil fuel consumption comes from commercial activities. Your business can stand out by getting solar panels. 

In terms of homes, homes that utilize solar are valued higher than homes that do not. These homes sell higher because by buying the home, the buyer is eliminating or reducing their electric bill astronomically. 

8. Use in Remote Locations Where Access to Other Forms of Electricity is Difficult

There are locations far removed from conventional settings. Connecting electricity from the power grid to these places is either laborious or will have serious financial consequences. For places that are off the gird, solar panel installation is a more viable option for generating electricity.  Most individuals who live in remote or rural places favor solar energy over conventional national grid. 

Beyond the ease of accessing power with solar panels, this also give you independence and control over power generation and usage. 

9. Easy and Affordable Installation

While you can install solar panels yourself through DIY solar panel installation videos, we highly recommend using a professional solar panel installation company. Using a professional solar panel installation company will be far more effective. The best part is that most solar companies are affordable and through incentives, the government helps to cover parts of the installation costs. 

10. Solar Energy Provides a Reliable Source of Energy for Emergencies or Power Outages

Studies show there have been significant increase in power outages over the last few years. In 2020 alone, utility consumers experienced 1.33 billion outage hours. Power outages are an expected occurrence as they are caused by severe weather conditions, natural disasters, failure of power equipment, fallen trees, increase in energy demand, cyber attacks, routine maintenance, etc. These power outages is why you need solar panels as insulation against power outages. Once you have your solar panels installed and a solid solar battery or storage system that independently conserves energy for later use, you can sleep easy knowing you will have access to power while your neighborhood or city experiences and outage. 


Need Solar Panel Installations in Indiana?

The importance of solar panels cannot be over-emphasized. Beyond just taking care of the environment and the financial benefits, there are so many advantages of using solar panels. If you are ready to have solar panels installed on your home or business and are ready for a reliable solar panel installation company in Indiana or Kentucky, then Ohio Valley Solar has you covered. 

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