Owner of Ohio Valley Solar

Image of the Owner of Ohio Valley Solar, John ChaseJohn CHASE, Owner

John has been a Licensed Master Electrician since 1995, while having been a licensed electrician since 1992. He has been in the business as a electrical contractor for 11 yrs. John is a life long tristate resident and enjoys supporting our local businesses and community as much as possible.

Adjunct professor at Ivy Tech for 3 years teaching “electrical codes” and “electrical theory”
Has actively been installing solar since 2012 in the tristate area but has worked on systems as far back as 2006
As John says, “I enjoy working with people and saving them money while improving their environment. As it is often said people are eager to go green as long as it makes sense financially. I can show first hand that I can save money, save overhead, and increase your profits”

John believes, “if you are going to upgrade your lighting why go to a slightly more efficient fluorescent bulb with the same old problems all fluorescent bulbs have; short life, ballast replacement, and mercury disposal cost, why not use technology from this century! Use the most efficient light source available, use a clean light source, use a long life light source, use a low maintenance solution, use LED lighting.”

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