Off Grid And Grid Tied Solar System

In an era marked by rising energy costs and increasing environmental awareness, Ohio Valley Solar offers an effective solution – solar grid tied and off grid services in Indiana and Kentucky. A pioneering force in our renewable energy landscape, we provide smooth installation and maintenance services to empower households and businesses in their quest for energy independence.

Grid Tied Solar System

A solar grid tied system will reduce your electricity bill according to the amount of power you produce each year. Grid-tied systems use AC current and net metering to connect to the grid, allowing users to receive credit for excess electricity they generate. On a Grid tied system the panels create power which is distributed in your home or business first and then any excess flows back into the grid creating a credit that you can use when the sun isn’t shining. We have the benefit of using the Grid as a backup system so we always have as much power available day or night as we need. A grid tied system has very little maintenance.  

In a grid-tied solar power system, the integration of solar panels, high quality grid tie inverter, and advanced lithium batteries ensure a reliable and efficient setup. Ohio Valley Solar’s professionals handle the entire grid tied solar system installation process, from site assessment and system design to connection and final commissioning. Additionally, our maintenance services include periodic inspection and system performance monitoring to ensure optimal efficiency and longevity.

Off Grid Solar System

An off grid system generates and stores power in on site batteries. The solar panels charge batteries that then are inverted to power your house. An off grid home solar system has more components and more cost then a grid tied system but sometimes there is no other choice for powering a location that is remote. Sometimes the cost to run power to a remote site from the utility company is much more than simply making your own power. Our best off grid solar panels require monthly servicing to keep its lead acid batteries in optimal condition. Off grid solar setup often has a backup generator in case the batteries fail or there is need for more power then normal.  

Off grid solar system installation is ideal for remote locations with limited utility service. Ohio Valley Solar offers best off grid home solar systems that include solar panels, battery banks, inverters, and charge controllers, providing a standalone energy source that effectively powers your entire property. We provide comprehensive installation support and a regular maintenance schedule to maximize the life and performance of one of the best off grid solar systems.  

We at Ohio Valley Solar, as one of the best off grid solar companies, provide solar panel off grid systems that offer complete energy autonomy, ideal for locations with limited access to utility grids. Our customized solutions include the complete package of solar panels in Indiana. This comprises solar battery, inverters, and controllers, each installed and maintained by our highly skilled team for your off grid home solar system.

What We Offer?

Site Inspection

Our team inspects your location to determine its solar potential, taking into account factors like sun exposure, shading, and structural considerations. This inspection helps us to customize and install the most efficient solar system for your specific situation.

Energy Efficient Installation

We at Ohio Valley Solar provide energy-efficiency solutions to optimize your energy usage. By installing an off grid or grid tied solar system, we will help you decrease your carbon footprint and maximize your solar investment.

Ongoing Maintenance Services

We offer reliable maintenance services, assisting you with resolving any issues, or maintenance requirements throughout the lifespan of your solar system. There are many grid tied and off grid solar companies, but Ohio Valley Solar stands apart among all of them.


Off grid and grid tied solar systems both generate electricity from sunlight, but they differ in how they manage that power. A solar panel off grid system is designed to function independently from the traditional electrical grid. It often includes lead acid batteries to store the generated electricity, providing power when the sun isn’t shining. This makes off-grid systems ideal for remote locations where traditional utility services aren’t available.  

On the other hand, a grid-tied solar system is connected to the local utility grid. Excess power generated by the system is fed back into the grid, and in many regions, homeowners will receive credit for this excess power. During periods when the solar panels aren’t producing enough power (at night or on very cloudy days), the system will draw power from the grid.

Yes, it’s possible to switch from a solar grid tied system to solar panel off grid system or the other way around, but it requires significant modifications. Converting a grid tied system to off grid solar installation typically requires adding a battery storage system and possibly more solar panels to ensure the system produces and stores enough energy. Switching from off grid solar installation to grid tied installation can also be done, but it usually involves getting approval from the local utility company, reconfiguring the system to meet grid standards, and possibly installing additional equipment.

Off grid solar system installation offers advantage of complete independence from the utility grid. They provide electricity in remote areas where grid power is unreliable or unavailable. They also provide assurance of power availability during grid outages.

A grid-tied solar system usually requires less maintenance than an off-grid system. The inverter, which converts DC electricity produced by the panels to alternating current AC for use in the home, typically needs replacement every 10-15 years. The solar panels themselves may last 25-30 years or more with only minimal maintenance, mainly keeping them clean and free of debris. However, the solar grid tied system should be inspected periodically to ensure optimal operation and longevity, and we do all this at Ohio Valley Solar. Our solar grid tied and off grid services in Indiana and Kentucky will help you in switching to solar powered energy hassle-free.

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