Grid Tied

A grid tied system will reduce your electrical bill according to the amount of power you produce each year. On a Grid tied system the panels create power which is distributed in your home or business first and then any excess flows back into the grid creating a credit that you can use when the sun isn’t shining. We Have the benefit of using the Grid as a back up system so we always have as much power available day or night as we need. A grid tied system has very little maintenance.

Off Grid

A off grid system generates and store power in on site batteries. The solar panels charge batteries that then are inverted to power your house. A off grid system has more components and more cost then a grid tied system but sometimes there is no other choice for powering a location that is remote. Sometimes the cost to run power to a remote site from the utility company us much more then simply making your own power. A off grid system has monthly servicing to keep the batteries in optimal condition. Off grid systems often have a back up generator in case the batteries fail or there is need for more power then normal.

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