LED Lighting Installation Services in Indiana and Kentucky

Often the first option to going solar is reducing the KWH needed at your location. LED lighting installation, especially in commercial locations is a very high use of KWH. Retrofitting the lighting to LED can save hundreds or thousands of KWH and therefore lets you put a smaller solar system in. The payback for solar is 7-9 years, the payback on lighting can be as little as 8 months. There are utility rebates available from some utilities to offset the cost of LED installation services for business and homes. LED lighting not only sells KWH and money but also brightens up your house in Indiana and Kentucky.

LED Lights Installation: An Economical Choice for Illumination

LED Lights are revolutionizing the lighting industry, offering an ecological and economical choice for illumination in both residential and commercial spaces. Not only are they a testament to our technological prowess, but they also encapsulate the shift toward sustainability that our society is making.  

LED, or Light Emitting Diode, is a two-lead semiconductor that emits light when activated. Unlike conventional incandescent bulbs, LEDs are energy-efficient, lasting up to 25 times longer and consuming nearly 90% less energy. By using LED technology, you are able to benefit from a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution.

What We Offer?

Professional Installation Services

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in LED lighting installation services in Indiana and Kentucky. Whether it’s retrofitting existing fixtures or installing new LED lighting systems, we ensure precise and efficient installations that adhere to industry standards. From wiring to fixture placement and electrical work, our professionals handle everything to guarantee a safe and effortless installation process.

Maintenance and Support

At Ohio Valley Solar, we value long-term relationships with our customers. That’s why we provide timely maintenance services for your LED lighting systems. Our dedicated team conducts routine inspections, addresses any issues that may arise, and offers guidance on optimizing energy efficiency. Our LED lighting contractors are committed to supporting you throughout the lifespan of your LED lighting installation.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

By choosing our LED lighting solutions, you not only benefit from energy savings but also contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. LED lights consume significantly less electricity compared to traditional lighting options, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions. At Ohio Valley Solar, we prioritize sustainability and are dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions to our customers.

Advantages of LED Lighting Installation Services

The advantage of LED lighting installation isn’t confined to just energy savings and sustainability; let’s discuss them here:

  • Versatility and adaptability: LED lights can be used in various settings such as gardens, pathways, street lights, and even in areas with limited or compromised power source. Their compact size and design make them suitable for different applications.
  • Minimal maintenance and easy installation: LED lights typically require minimal maintenance compared to traditional lighting options. They have a longer lifespan and do not require frequent bulb replacements. Additionally, they are relatively easy to install, making them convenient for both residential and commercial use.
  • Safety: LED lights do not produce as much heat as traditional lighting options, reducing the risk of burns or fire hazards. They are also more resistant to breakage due to their solid-state construction, making them a safer lighting option.
  • Energy efficiency and money savings: LED lights are highly energy-efficient, consuming less electricity compared to traditional lighting sources. This energy efficiency translates into cost savings on electricity bills over time. LED lights are known for their long lifespans, which means less frequent replacement and lower maintenance costs.
  • Environmental benefits: LED lights contribute to reducing carbon footprints and combating climate change. They have a lower impact on the environment due to their energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional lighting technologies.
  • Motion sensors and smart control: Some LED lights come with motion sensors, allowing them to adjust their brightness based on the presence or absence of activity. This feature helps conserve energy by only providing light when needed. Additionally, advancements in technology have enabled LED lights to be controlled remotely through smartphone apps, allowing users to regulate the intensity and duration of light according to their preferences.

FAQ on LED Lighting

What are the cost advantages of LED bulbs over conventional ones?

  • LED bulbs save 75% on the costs of lighting of Metal Halide in warehouse applications. A store or company that has 24/7 operations can have a Return on Investment in less than a year. We still suggest you check the product before making final purchase.

What other advantages to businesses get from LED bulbs?

  • Large facilities pay a fee to dispose of fluorescent bulbs and large warehouse bulbs. This fee is gone with LEDs as they are completely environmentally friendly. Normal fluorescent bulbs last 10,000 hrs, and LEDs are expected to last 50,000 hrs, with less maintenance, less overhead, and more profit. Normal fluorescent fixtures have a ballast in them for the high voltage needed. These ballasts have a life of about 20,000 hrs. LEDs do not use a ballast, with less overhead, less maintenance, and more profits.

Is there a visible difference between the light from LED bulbs and fluorescent bulbs?

  • Color-wise fluorescent bulbs are available in the spectrum of 3000K,4100K,6500K. LEDs are available in the same colors. These are commonly referred to as soft white, natural white, and daylight. Fluorescent bulbs cast light in a 360-degree radius around the bulb; this causes a lot of light to be cast where it is not needed, i.e into the fixture up into the ceiling. The LED bulbs cast light down onto what you want to be lit, your products, your office, and your work area. LEDs are also 25%-40% brighter than fluorescent.

How long has Ohio Valley Solar been recommending LED bulbs?

  • We at Ohio Valley Solar have been retrofitting fluorescent fixtures for 3 years, and we expect to install over 6000 bulbs this year. We have installed 1000s of LEDs in the tri-state. We also provide remote control led lighting installation services in Indiana and Kentucky.

When was LED technology first developed?

  • LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode and has been around for a long time. High-output LEDs started coming to the market about 5 years ago. They were very expensive, but now that costs have come down, they are a better choice to retrofit to then replace with a high output T5 fluorescent fixture. They have much less overhead cost after the installation and are often cheaper upfront because other lights are fixture-to-fixture replacements. Here the LED is a simple retrofit that uses the existing fixture and just changes the bulb and rewires the fixture.

Will additional wiring be needed?

  • LED retrofits work with existing lights and no new wiring is needed.

Will existing light sockets be okay or do they have to be replaced as well?

  • LED bulbs are made to fit any type of socket.

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