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One of the Best Residential & Commercial Solar Panels in Madisonville

Madisonville, a home-rule class city located in Kentucky, is fortunate to experience an average of 202 sunny days each year. This abundant sunshine creates an ideal environment for the implementation of solar panels to harness clean and renewable energy. Taking advantage of this natural resource, Ohio Valley Solar offers a range of residential and commercial solar panels in Madisonville and its neighboring regions, including Sullivan and Clay. We are certified and insured solar installers specialized in tailoring solar solutions to meet specific power requirements.

Services Offered

LED Lighting Installation

At Ohio Valley Solar, our team of experts specializes in installing LED lighting. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure your vicinity is well-illuminated with energy-saving LED technology. When you pick our solar installation services, you’ll get advantages over regular fluorescent bulbs. These include saving money on energy, lights that last longer, and dependable lighting solutions.

Generator Systems

If you’re searching for an affordable, eco-friendly, and dependable power outage solution, generator systems are a smart option. Unlike regular generators, these systems work quietly and require very little maintenance. When you opt for our solar panel services, you invest in long-term security from power outages. We also provide lightweight, portable generators that are great for adventurous outdoor activities.

Solar Panel Installation

At Ohio Valley Solar, our skilled solar installers provide outstanding solar panel service in Madisonville. We give you the choice between off-grid and grid tied solar systems, allowing you to create your own renewable energy. When combined with solar incentives, going solar makes a rewarding investment with worthy ROI. We are here for whether you want solar panels installed in residential or commercial property.

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Reduces Carbon Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that 27% of America's carbon emissions come from the electric industry using fossil fuels. You can lessen the environmental impact by installing solar, which reduces your reliance on fossil fuels such as coal, oil, etc.

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Enhance Your Property Value

By choosing our services, homeowners can potentially increase their property value by a minimum of 4.1%. Though the exact percentage might differ depending on where you are, it's clear that solar panels add worth to your home. This is supported by trusted sources like Zillow.

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Affordable Investment

In Kentucky, solar equipment prices are the lowest nationwide, at $2.34 per watt. For a common system size of 11 kilowatts (kw) in this area, installation usually costs about $25,740 before the 30% federal tax credit or $18,018 afterward. Solar is especially worthwhile in places with high energy rates.

How It Works ?

Free Estimate

Our solar company is available to address any concerns you may have. To receive a free quote, just complete the provided form We'll start with a complimentary consultation to grasp your energy needs and talk about your budget.

Site Evaluation

Following the estimate, we arrange a site visit to assess aspects like roof direction, shading, structural strength, and electrical setup. From taking aerial imagery to required permits we cover it all before proceeding with the final installation.

Solar Panel Installation

Lastly our certified solar installers will move forward with installing the solar panels at your location. This involves securing the panels onto the roof, linking them to the electrical setup, and setting up the required wiring and conduits.



Even though solar energy has been available for many years, numerous commercial businesses still depend on conventional electricity. Nevertheless, transitioning to solar power has the potential to not only cut costs for businesses, government entities, and nonprofits, but also to greatly shrink their carbon footprint. Ohio Valley Solar’s commercial solar panels in Madisonville offer a practical way to achieve these objectives. We provide a wide range of solar panels, all of which are installed and tailored to meet the specific energy requirements of your company. 



Adopting a residential solar system is crucial for slashing reliance on conventional power sources. By converting to solar power, you not only save money on rising electricity costs but also help the environment. We are a dependable source of high-grade solar panels installers, providing cost-effective options that reduce both excessive electricity expenses and the possibility of power interruptions. Our solar experts are available to assist you in embracing a greener and more affordable future for your house.

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Most frequent questions and answers

PV systems that include battery backup can supply power during a grid power outage. PV systems without batteries automatically shut off during a grid power outage to ensure the safety of workers fixing power lines. Once grid power is restored, the PV system will resume automatically. Contact Ohio Valley Solar for more information regarding solar panels.

The south-facing roof of many houses has adequate room for a solar system that can generate 20-100% of a home’s energy usage. About 100 square feet of solar array makes around 1,500 watts of PV power and creates about 7 kilowatt-hours daily. Plus, it’s not only restricted to the roof—you can also place a PV array on the ground.

A properly set up and well-designed PV system can last for several decades. Even PV systems from the late 90s are still functioning. Considering that residential and commercial solar panels in Madisonville come with a power output warranty of 25-35 years (depending on the manufacturer), you can expect at least 25 years of consistent performance.

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