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Community Power: The Role Of Solar Panels In Clay!

Solar power capacity in Kentucky has grown by more than expectations in the last five years, as per recent data. Almost 160 MW of solar capacity had been installed in the state, enough to power over 17,000 houses.
Solar panels in Clay are also gaining traction, with numerous ongoing projects. A new 60 MW solar farm for Clay County was announced in 2020, and when completed, it will be one of the largest solar panel installations in Kentucky.

Services Offered

Led Lighting Installation

LED Lighting Installation Services

Based on a recent US Department of Energy research, LED lights can last up to 25 times longer than traditional lights, reducing waste and saving resources. If you’re looking for LEDs in Clay, Ohio Valley Solar got you covered. We provide various options and can guide you in finding the ideal solution for your lighting requirements. With the right LED lighting installation, you may enjoy dependable and long-lasting lighting for years to come.

Generator Systems

Portable solar generators are an innovative and ecologically friendly solution for individuals who require reliable off-grid energy. Based on recent research, the market for portable solar generators is rapidly growing. The worldwide economy for portable solar generators was worth $304.3 million in 2020, and it is expected to grow to $474.7 million by 2027.

Ohio Valley Solar provides solar generators services in Clay, KY. Our solar panel installation services are always intended to deliver dependable power solutions in any situation.

Solar Panels Installation In Clay

Solar energy has become more budget-friendly over the years. Based on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory report, the cost of solar power has dropped significantly by 82% since 2010, making it a cost-effective choice for many homeowners.
Ohio Valley Solar provides solar panel installation services in Clay for both grid-tied and off-grid systems. Our professionals can help you figure out the best option for your requirements and budget. We use high-quality equipment to ensure that your system works efficiently.
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Reduces The Need For Landfills

Many states and towns are implementing an innovative strategy that includes using renewable energy to reduce the requirement for landfills. Solar panels have a long lifespan and can be recycled to reduce the need for landfills and promoting sustainable waste management practices.

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Enhanced Food Security

Solar energy can be utilized to power agro-processing machines, adding value to crops, creating new products, and generating revenue for farmers. Communities can improve their economic prospects, reduce poverty, and encourage environmentally friendly growth by utilizing solar energy to increase food security.

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Encourages Outdoor Activities

Solar-powered lighting and portable chargers can be easily taken on outdoor trips. It includes such as camping and hiking, allowing individuals to fully immerse themselves in nature without the need for conventional power sources. Solar equipment is often more reliable, resulting in better convenience and peace of mind.

How It Works ?

Free Quotation

If you want to switch on solar power. Ohio Valley Solar is here to help! Contact us immediately so that our team of solar professionals can offer you a free quote for solar panel installation. We also ensure to satisfy you with our services.

Permits & Paperworks

Once a solar panel system has been selected after the quotation, our team will handle all of the required permits and documentation to ensure a smooth installation. We will also work with you to set an installation date that is suitable for you.

Solar Installation

During the installation, our professional installers at Ohio Valley Solar will work quickly and efficiently to get your solar panel system running smoothly as soon as possible. We will use cutting-edge equipment and tools to securely and precisely install your panels, ensuring the highest possible energy efficiency.



As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, an increasing number of businesses in Clay are turning to solar power to power their operational processes. In recent years, the solar sector in Kentucky has grown dramatically. In fact, the state is presently ranked 26th in the country in terms of renewable generation, with over 100 megawatts of solar energy installed as of 2021. Ohio Valley Solar’s team of professionals offers a variety of commercial solar services, including installation, maintenance, and repair in Clay.



As reported by the Solar energy Industries Association (SEIA), Kentucky currently has a total of 114 MW of installed solar capacity, enough to power approximately 11,000 homes. The report also notes that the state has seen a 10% rise in solar installations in the previous year alone.

Ohio Valley Solar provides a variety of residential solar solutions. We install solar panels in Clay and battery storage systems, as well as offer continuous maintenance. These services support us to ensure that our customers get the most out of their solar investment.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Cleaning and inspecting your solar panels regularly will help preserve their longevity. It is also essential to get your system inspected and maintained by a professional at least once a year.

Yes, in most cases, a permit is required to install solar panels in Clay. This is because solar panel systems often require electrical work as well as structural adjustments to your home or structure.

The size of your solar panel system will be determined by your energy use and the amount of sunlight your property receives. A professional installation can help you figure out the best system size.

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