Guide to Commercial Solar Panel Warranty in Indiana (2023)

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Investing in solar panels to power your business in Indiana is a big decision. But to ensure the long-term success of your project, it is essential to select photovoltaic panels that are supported with warranties. The PV panel warranties act as a safety shield, protecting you from unexpected expenses due to faulty equipment, poor installation, or panels not working as they should. This blog will include all the important details you need to know about warranties of commercial solar panels in Indiana (2023) to help you make the right decision in choosing renewable energy solutions for your business.

What are Different Types of Commercial Solar Warranties?

Commercial solar panel warranties are guarantees provided by the contractors to ensure the performance, reliability, and protection of solar panel systems installed for businesses. It covers most parts of your solar system. If your panels don’t work as expected during the guarantee period, you can get them fixed for free by commercial solar panel installers. Here are some of the types of warranties offered by the contractors:

Product Warranties

A product warranty for solar panels is crucial to your PV panel system’s protection. Although PV panels are intended to be highly robust, unforeseen issues can occasionally arise. Most contractors offer equipment warranties ranging from 10 to 12 years, while premium warranties may extend up to 25 years. This valuable assurance from the solar installers in Indiana ensures that the panels operate effectively throughout the specified warranty period. It gives consumers confidence in the quality and durability of their panels.

Performance Warranties

A power warranty, or performance warranty, holds major significance when it comes to renewable energy equipment. It addresses the natural degradation of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which leads to a gradual decrease in electricity generation over time. However, a power warranty ensures that this decline occurs at an exceptionally slow rate. Solar panel manufacturers specify a maximum allowable degradation rate. It also provides coverage if the panels deteriorate at a faster rate than the specified limit. Most manufacturers offer 25–30 years of guarantee for their performance.

Installation Warranty

Solar installation warranty is a valuable protection ensuring that your PV system is correctly installed and functions as intended. Most solar companies provide warranties lasting anywhere from 10 to 25 years. It covers multiple installation-related issues, which can include:

Roof Penetrations: Ensures that any penetrations made in your roof during the installation are correctly sealed and won’t lead to leaks or damage.

Loose Screws or Equipment: Guarantees that all components, including screws and equipment, are securely fastened and won’t come loose.

Faulty Assembly: Protects against assembly errors or flaws in the installation process that could affect the system’s performance.

Can the Solar Panel Warranty Be Transferred?

When you purchase solar equipment, you have the right to transfer the warranty to the new owner if you decide to sell your commercial property. This transferability ensures that the solar system’s coverage remains intact for the new owner. On the other hand, if you have leased your PV system, the warranty automatically transfers to the new proprietor. However, the situation can become complicated if you buy out the remaining lease before selling your property. In such cases, you should contact your commercial solar panel installers directly to obtain detailed information about how the warranty will be affected and transferred.

What Does a Solar System Warranty Not Cover?

A solar system warranty is a crucial aspect of your investment, but it’s essential to understand what it does not cover. Here’s a simplified explanation of what most warranties do not include:

Damage Due to External Factors

Solar panels are not covered for damage caused by power failures, fires, floods, lightning strikes, or other natural events. These are considered external factors beyond the manufacturer’s control.

Accidental Damage and Acts of Vandalism

Solar warranties generally do not cover damage from accidental breakage of the panels or any other component, explosions, vandalism, acts of war, or other unforeseen events.

Labor Costs

Some warranties may not include labor costs, meaning you might have to pay your solar installer for services like removing old panels and installing new equipment if a replacement is needed.

What Makes Your Commercial Solar Panels’ Warranty Invalid?

Adhering to the terms and conditions outlined in your sales contract and the manufacturer’s guidelines is essential to ensure that your solar panel warranty remains valid. Here are some key points to remember:

Unregistered Contractor

Having an unregistered or uncertified contractor install the PV panels can invalidate your warranty. Manufacturers often specify that installations must be carried out only by authorized solar installers in Indiana.


If you install the photovoltaic panels on your own, it may void the warranty. PV companies require professional installation to ensure the system’s proper setup and performance.


Any tampering with the photovoltaic panels without the commercial solar installer’s knowledge or approval can void your warranty.

Ignoring Maintenance

Proper maintenance of photovoltaic panels is crucial. Neglecting regular maintenance and care, as recommended by the manufacturer, could make your warranty invalid.

Chemical Exposure

Extreme chemical exposure to the solar panels could negatively impact their performance and may not be covered under the warranty. It’s essential to safeguard the panels from any corrosive substances.

Unauthorized Repairs

Repair services for the commercial solar panels without obtaining the company’s authorization may lead to issues. Solar installers in Indiana often require you to follow their prescribed repair procedures.


Choosing commercial solar panels for your business is a wise financial decision and a responsible environmental choice. We’ve covered all the key points about PV panel warranties in this blog to help you make a smart choice. These warranties serve as critical parameters, shielding you from potential issues and providing peace of mind regarding your PV panel investment. It is recommended to contact a professional service provider like Ohio Valley Solar for top-rated installations and maintenance services for photovoltaic panels in Indiana. Feel free to contact us today!

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