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Ohio Valley Solar: Installing Solar Panels In Lewisport

Located in Kentucky, Lewisport ranks as one of the top cities that makes electricity very cost-effective with the help of Photovoltaic panels. The residents of Lewisport are aware of the higher rates of electricity so they want to switch on solar energy. 

Ohio Valley Solar customizes cutting-edge technology to reduce energy bills by providing solar panel services in Lewisport and its nearby areas including Tell City, Hawesville, Cannelton, & more. We provide premium panel quality and flexible mounts to meet your solar needs.

Services Offered


LED Lighting Installation

LEDs are replacing the normal traditional bulbs as these are more efficient and cost-effective. Specially in commercial areas the usage of lighting is more as opposed to residential areas. Normal bulbs consume more electricity while our LED lighting installation services help to save a lot of energy. So, Ohio Valley Solar offers you to switch to LEDs today and start reducing your costing on energy bills.

Generator System

Solar generators receive the power from the PV panels in the form of (DC energy) and then store the energy in their built-in solar batteries. After converting the energy into alternating current (AC energy), Ohio Valley’s solar generators fulfill your daily electricity consumption needs. We offer solar-powered generators to the homeowners in Lewisport, surpassing industry-standards in terms of quality and output.

Led Lighting Installation

Solar Panels: Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Systems

A grid-tied solar system is the most common type of solar panel system in Lewisport. It is directly connected to the electricity grid. The grid-tied PV panels we provide don’t use any built-in batteries for storing the energy and have very less maintenance when compared to other systems.

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How Solar Works

Solar panels, also known as (PV) panels, are one of the finest sources for making electricity using the power of the Sun. Our equipment uses both photovoltaic PV panels and mirrors to turn sunlight into power.

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Efficient PV Panels

In recent years the efficiency of PV panels has dramatically improved by 15-22 % in the USA. Ohio Valley Solar provides best and efficient solar panels in lewisport that helps to reduce your electricity bills in a big way!

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Future of Solar Energy

In recent years, the solar power industry has grown by 20.7% in Kentucky. This emphasizes the people of the USA being aware of pollution-free energy. We understand the need of residents of Lewisport and offer you the PV panels that will brighten up your future.

How It Works ?

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Future Investment

Investment in solar is a one-time investment that helps to secure your future expenditure on energy and make you a profit every year. Due to the recent hikes in electricity bills in recent months, Solar will be the best investment ever to save your money.

Switch To Solar

Switching to solar power from non-renewable energy with Ohio Valley Solar will help you in reducing the damage to the environment. PV panels not only reduces your electricity bills but also decreases the usage of fossil fuel and make our environment clean and pollution free.



For businesses, there is a main overhead cost of electricity. In the last few years, electricity rates have increased. From the business point of view, you have to save the income for a better investment. Solar energy is a revolution in commercial area usage. It is very useful for firms or business persons to save money. With the help of a solar panel system, you can produce your own energy. It decreases the usage of fossil fuels and contributes to the environment.



PV panel usage is also getting more popular in residential areas because it is quite cheap and has a long-lasting life. In the residential area, house owners are considering PV panels for their property. Many of the house owners have already installed PV panels, and many people are investing. In Lewisport, there were 204 average sunny days in a year, and it’s the perfect  climate for solar panels in lewisport. It just not only saves your money, but in fact, it increases the value of your home.

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Lewisport’s weather is ideal for PV panels, with an average of 204 bright days a year.

Yes, because our solar system is not expensive, it comes under your budget.

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