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Imagine a world without electricity! It’s very difficult to imagine. Isn’t it? The discovery of electricity is a real boon to humanity. But with all goods, it brings bad things too; the production of electricity with conventional sources of energy is not eco-friendly in nature. Conventional sources of energy emit carbon contents in nature, which cause global warming. Solar energy is one of the best sources of energy as it is a renewable resource.  
We at Ohio Valley Solar provide home solar generator systems and all the necessary arrangements that are required to set up the solar generator system. We know how to cater for the needs of the consumers.  
If you want to join the revolution of generating electricity with solar energy, you are at the right place. This blog provides detailed knowledge about the residential solar company and the benefits of using solar generators. This article will resolve all the doubts that come to your mind regarding the same.

The Benefits of Solar Energy

There are lots of benefits of Solar energy when compared to other sources of energy:

  • Availability: Sunlight is freely available to each and every corner of this world, so solar panels are installed anywhere, even in remote areas. Other conventional sources of energy cannot be installed in remote areas. Resources are limited in such areas.
  • Cost Effective: Solar energy generators are cost-effective as compared to conventional sources of energy. Installation and maintenance costs of solar energy generators are one-time investment and give better ROI ( Return on Investment). Conventional sources of energy are less cost-effective as we have to pay regular charges to use that energy.                  
  • Eco-friendly: Solar energy is non-polluting in nature as it does not produce carbon emissions. A conventional source of energy requires carbon-emitting fuels to run, which pollute nature.
  • Storage facility: Storage of solar energy is very much possible for future usage by any independent user. But for storing the conventional source of energy, we have to buy a separate inverter system. 

Choosing A Residential Solar Company

Solar energy systems add value to your home. According to National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s data released on 26 January 2023, the United States generated 11.1 gigawatt-hours of storage energy into the electric grid in Q1-Q3 of 2022. The growth of +88% to +90% year by year was seen because of home solar generator systems. This data proved that solar energy is the real game changer in new-age technology.

To install a new solar energy system in your home, you need to select a good and reputable company like us which can help you in the long run.

Factors to Consider While Choosing A Residential Solar Company

It is very important to consider a company like ours because it decides the credibility and reliability of the services. A reputed company always brings value to the services and, along with that, overall satisfaction to the consumers. Some key points to consider are:

  • A residential solar company has previous good customer satisfaction.
  • They have a good support and maintenance team which helps you when required.
  • They have a good number of service areas in the nearby locality.

Solar Panel Installation Process

The installation process of the solar panel is very easy, and it takes very less time as compared to other sources of energy installation:
  • Solar panel installation is done such that the panel plates are inclined within the angle of 18 degrees to 35 degrees to get maximum exposure to sunlight.
  • Solar panel plates need to be bolted tightly with the standing rod by which they can stand properly and be stable.
  • Next comes the wiring process that needs to be done with MC4 (Multi-Contact pin of 4mm diameter) connectors. The wiring process is done with care while switching off the main power supply.
  • The connection of solar inverters with the solar panel is done as the solar inverter converts DC from solar energy into AC for general household usage.
  • A solar inverter is joined with a solar battery so that the energy produced is stored in the battery for future usage.
  • The inverter is connected to the main consumer power supply unit so that the electricity produced is used directly. The additional device that is added is a generator system meter to check the performance of the solar system generator.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Solar Panels

The performance of the solar system generator is increased, and the output of the solar panel system is optimal if you follow these steps:
  • Solar Panel maintenance is to be done regularly and at least 4 times in a year. If any damage is caused, then you have to pay a hefty amount for maintenance.
  • Wiring is done properly and tightly to get top-notch performance.
  • The standing rod needs to be painted well to prevent rusting.
  • The surface of the solar panel plates needs to be cleaned regularly to get maximum exposure to sunlight.
  • Inverter and battery performance are to be checked after a fixed interval of time and replaced with a new one if required.


To conclude, we discussed the benefits of solar energy. It is one of the best sources of energy as it is not sparse and is renewable in nature. The maintenance cost is very less, and it produces energy without leaving any carbon footprints. This energy can be stored and used whenever required.   
We are a residential solar company, namely Ohio Valley Solar. We have made our mark in the solar panel installation industry, and we are well accepted in various areas positively. To know more about our solar panel installation services, contact us now!

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