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Get Solar Panels In Whitesville With Ohio Valley Solar

Whitesville is a small, rural community in Daviess County of ‌Kentucky, United States. Whitesville is located in the western Kentucky, near Owensboro, Louisville, and Nashville. Situated so close to these major cities, which have been a part of great solar initiatives, Whitesville is now next in line. 
Ohio Valley Solar realizes the potential for growth in the solar sector in this countryside and aims to spread awareness. We believe in working with locals and personalizing solar solutions as per their needs and budget.

Services Offered

Led Lighting Installation

LED Lighting Installation Services: Modern Technology

LEDs is an ultimate expression of modern technology that is energy-efficient. These high-end bulbs are ten times more long-lasting and energy efficient than traditional fluorescent lights. At Ohio Valley Solar, we do LED lighting installation & retrofit these smartly designed LEDs in a wide range of lighting fixtures. Best of all, our cost-effective prices make solar lighting an easily accessible option for everyone.

Generator Systems: Lightweight & Noiseless

Incorporate a noise-free solar generator into your home or business space and witness its remarkability. You’ll be nothing but surprised with the impact it will leave on your energy usage. 

You can trust our experts at Ohio Valley Solar to provide you with this compact, lightweight, and high-performance solar generator. Our provided solar generators work so silently that you won’t even notice it’s there! Their portability makes them top the list of practical and cost-effective options.

PV Panels Installation on Flat Roof

Solar Panel Installation In Whitesville

Switching to solar panels in Whitesville is an innovative and sustainable way to generate power. As opposed to fossil fuels, solar panels are a clean and renewable source of energy for both residential and commercial settings. With Ohio Valley Solar, you will get solar panel installation at discounted prices. Our proficient solar experts will assist you in the transition to solar power, making it effortless and convenient for you.

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Solarizing Schools

Solar power in schools will not only improve schools' finances but also serve as a model for the community. The installation of solar panels in the school's vicinity will also provide an opportunity to educate students about renewable energy and its importance.

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Boost Your Business

Businesses will reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy costs over the long term. This is a great way to improve the company’s brand reputation and attract environmentally conscious customers.

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Solar-Powered Vehicles

Solar-charged vehicles use rechargeable batteries to store energy, which is then used to power the vehicle’s motor. Its batteries can be charged using solar panels installed on the vehicle or by plugging the vehicle into a solar-powered charging station.

How It Works ?

Get Free Estimates

We recognize that the decision to solarize your home or commercial space can be cumbersome. With Ohio Valley Solar, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve got us to help you make an informed decision. Be sure to fill out the form and get a free estimate from us.

Proper Installation

The installation of solar panels is a multiple-step process. From the beginning of the site evaluation to the final activation of solar access, we follow every step diligently. We mean it when we say we are with you every step of the way.

Ensuring Accuracy

We view it as a matter of great importance to deliver quality solar panels in Whitesville. Weather, ground-mounted or roof-mounted, properly installed solar panels ensure there is no risk of any structural damage.



For businesses, schools & institutions seeking to reduce their energy costs & carbon footprints, commercial solar systems are a top choice. These systems function on a grid-tied, or on-grid mode, by combining solar panels & solar inverters. By partnering with Ohio Valley Solar, you will be making a hassle-free and budget-friendly switch to commercial solar systems. Our installation services are both easy on your wallet and environmentally friendly. Additionally, solarizing your business will also enhance your business’s reputation as a responsible and eco-conscious organization.



A residential solar system is a smart investment that can offer substantial financial benefits over time. With the guidance of the solar experts at Ohio Valley Solar, you can generate solar electricity independently. In addition to that, if your energy generation exceeds the usage, then you can even sell the excess power and earn credits in return. By embracing solar energy, you’re not only saving money but also contributing to a greener environment. Moreover, you can also boost your property value, as a result attracting potential investors.

What people say


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, an AC can function with the help of solar power, provided you have a big enough solar panel system. 

No, LEDs do not require direct sunlight to function properly. Unlike some other lighting technologies, LEDs are not dependent on sunlight for their operation. They are designed to work efficiently in a range of lighting conditions, including indoor lighting, shaded areas, and even in low-light environments. LED lights rely on electrical current rather than natural sunlight to produce light.

If the weather is relatively clear, the LED lights will continue to function. There are specific technical methods available to optimize the performance of lights. By placing the LED lights on the grid, you can ensure a reliable power supply and maximize their effectiveness.

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