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Brightening The Future: The Impact Of Solar Panels In Reed!

Reed, KY is an ideal place for solar energy due to its great climate and geographical location. The town, located in the state’s south-central region, receives an average of 4.5 hours of sunlight every day, making it a perfect location for solar power generation by solar panels. 
Ohio Valley Solar is a prominent solar panel services provider in Reed. We are committed to offer solar panel installations, maintenance, and repair services.

Services Offered

Led Lighting Installation

LED Lighting Installation Services

LEDs help Reed residents to live in a safer environment. These LEDs are used to illuminate public locations like parks, walkways, and parking lots, making them more visible and less prone to accidents or crime. It also detects motion, which helps prevent possible intruders or robbers.

Ohio Valley Solar provides LED lighting installation and maintenance of LED lighting systems for both indoor and outdoor locations. We also ensure your satisfaction related to our LED lighting system services.

Generator Systems

Our Generator Systems are used in various locations, from camping vacations to outdoor events, to provide power when there is no access to any electricity source. It is also used to power small appliances and electronics, making them an ideal choice for people who want electricity on the go. 

Ohio Valley Solar offers solar generators services in Reed. We offer ongoing maintenance to ensure that your solar gener

ators continue to operate efficiently and effectively over time.

PV Panels Installation on Flat Roof

Solar Panel Installation

Ohio Valley Solar offers both solar off-grid and grid-tied systems installation, maintenance and repair services in Reed. We have years of expertise in the solar energy industry. Our solar specialists are devoted to offering high-quality and sustainable solar panels solutions.
With the help of our services homeowners and organizations can have many benefits in Reed, KY. These advantages include lowering overall energy usage, lowering carbon footprint, and saving money on your energy bills. 
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Reduce Energy Waste

By producing power via solar energy, we can decrease the quantity of energy that is wasted during the generation and transmission of electricity from conventional sources, such as coal or natural gas. This, in turn, can help to conserve natural resources and minimize greenhouse gas emissions that are linked with energy waste.

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Solar power is scalable, which means it can be customized to the requirements of different users and applications. Solar energy systems can be installed on a small or big scale, from private residences to utility-scale solar farms. The scalability of solar also means that it can be quickly expanded as energy requirements.

Benefits of Solar Energy Icon

Diverse Applications

Solar energy has diverse applications that are used in various ways to suit different energy requirements. This includes, residential or commercial applications, transportation, water heating, space heating and cooling, lighting, off-grid power, and energy storage. This makes it a versatile and useful energy source to suit a wide range of energy requirements.

How It Works ?

Free Quotation

If you want to switch to solar power and need a trustworthy source, look no further than Ohio Valley Solar in Reed. Ohio Valley Solar can provide you with a free quote now! Contact us and we'll gladly provide you with a personalized quote based on your exact energy needs and budget.

Site Visit

Our next step is to organize a site visit. During this visit, a certified installer will come to your property to examine your roof orientation, shading, and other important factors that might impact the design and installation of your solar panels in Reed. It is important to ensure that your solar panels are installed properly and efficiently.

System Installation

At Ohio Valley Solar, our experienced team will manage every step of the installation process, from obtaining the appropriate permissions to installing the solar panels. During the whole installation process, we will work closely with you to ensure that everything is done to your satisfaction.



As reported by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), companies that switch to solar power can save an average of 75% on their power expenditures. This means that Reed, KY businesses can save significantly on their energy expenses and reinvest the savings in other areas of their operations.   
Ohio Valley Solar is helping companies in the area to decrease their energy costs and environmental impact. We specialize in solar panel installation and commercial solar system maintenance and repair.


Based on data from the Solar Energy Industries Association, Kentucky is expected to construct 124 MW of solar power capacity by 2025, with residential solar installations accounting for a significant portion of this growth.   
Furthermore, the government offers a tax rebate of up to 26% of the cost of a residential solar system, which may further lower the total cost of installation. Ohio Valley Solar is dedicated to providing top-notch residential solar services to Reed residents. By offering personalized solutions, options, and ongoing support.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The solar constant is a measurement of the quantity of solar radiation that reaches the Earth’s upper atmosphere on a per-unit-area basis, with a standard value of approximately 1361 watts per square meter (W/m²). It is the quantity of solar radiation that can be utilized to power solar energy systems and is used to calculate the output of solar panels.

The process of connecting a solar power system to the electrical grid is known as solar panel interconnection. When a solar panel system is in equipped, it is typically connected to a home or company’s electrical panel, which in turn is connected to the electrical grid. This enables any extra energy generated by the solar panels to be fed into the electrical grid. The owner of the solar system earns credit for this surplus power via net metering.

A solar tracker is a device that automatically rotates solar panels or mirrors to follow the path of the sun across the sky, optimizing their exposure to sunlight and boosting their energy output.
When compared to fixed-position systems, solar trackers can enhance the energy production of solar panels or mirrors by up to 25%. They are frequently utilized in large-scale solar power facilities as well as concentrated sun power (CSP) systems.
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