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Ohio Valley Solar: Solar Panels in Louisville KY for Low-Cost Power!

Louisville is a city in the US state of Kentucky located at the Falls of the Ohio River. Louisville metro government partnered with the Louisville Sustainability Solar Council. They together launched the Solar Over Louisville solarize campaign.   
This campaign gives Louisville households a chance to utilize solar power generation in their lives. It supports Louisville’s goal of using 100% clean energy by 2040. At Ohio Valley Solar, we strive to support you in achieving this goal by using only solar power.
We share the same objective as this program to help you save on your energy bills in Louisville and nearby cities including Jeffersonville, Clarksville, Audubon Park, and more. And we also focus on enhancing your property’s value by installing solar panels Louisville KY.

Services Offered

Led Lighting Installation

LED Lighting Installation Services

The Ohio Valley Solar team understands the importance of LED lighting systems in your households. We thus install LED systems in both your residential and commercial buildings in Louisville, KY. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Ohio Valley Solar ensures high-quality LED installation services. We leave no stone unturned to exceed your expectations, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient installation process from start to finish.

Generator Systems

When you install a solar generator system, there is an opportunity to receive credits on that as Investment Tax Credit. It is a 30% federal tax credit for your solar systems that you got installed in your properties in Louisville, KY. We at Ohio Valley Solar can prepare you to receive these credits. High-quality solar powered generators are installed by our team. This way, the excess energy sent back to the solar generators makes you earn credits.


Solar Net Zero Energy System

Net metering service includes installing a private renewable system that is connected to the grid. This system creates “net zero” energy. It means that renewable energy produced equals energy consumed by you annually. This can only be achieved with the solar grid tied system. The Ohio Valley Solar provides you with this reliable source via solar panels Louisville KY. This way, you receive more energy than is usually required and have a backup as well.

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Undestnt Solar

Ohio Valley Solar provides discounted prices for solar panels Louisville KY installation that you might want to investigate. We work hand in hand with the Solar Over Louisville program to solarize the whole city at marginal rates. Join us to get your grid-tied system.

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Utilize Solar Resources

When you get a suitable solar system in your house in Louisville, KY, you'll save approx. $20,247 on utility bills over its lifespan. You can also predict your savings through solar power systems using a solar calculator. Our team will assist you with this.

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Tack Action

By 2050, the Louisville metro government aims to install solar energy systems in about 50% of the homes. Ohio Valley Solar keeps in mind to follow solar practices that support this goal. We provide all different types of solar services.

How It Works ?

Getting A Price Estimate

You will want to know the cost if you desire to install solar panel for home or business. The solar power cost depends on various factors, including your location, roof, power usage, and others. You can call us or fill out the form online to get detailed costs.

Install Solar System

The solar system that we install is carefully designed after inspection. It stays within Louisville’s Land Development Code (LDC) regulation. We always get our solar panels reviewed by the Louisville Metro Government Office. You can leave all the permit requirements for solar installation to us.

Utilizing The Benefits Of Solar Panels

Solar panels are worth investing in! They can generate 18,069 kWh of power annually and thus provide 13.8% of the Internal rate of return (IRR) on investment. Ohio Valley Solar ensures that you receive all the benefits of solar!



Commercial solar installation in Louisville can provide numerous benefits for your business. One of them is to eliminate or greatly reduce your energy costs with solar power. Get accelerated depreciation tax benefits through the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS). Implementing solar can help your business meet corporate CO2 reduction targets. 
Not only is solar beneficial for the environment, but it can also be used as a marketing tool. It thus showcases your business’s commitment to sustainability. Moreover, installing solar can also reduce your utility demand charges. That is why commercial solar can be a smart financial and environmental investment for businesses in Louisville.


Installing residential solar in Louisville is beneficial for homeowners. It gives you the opportunity to considerably lower your monthly electricity cost. You may become eligible to receive a 30% tax credit. Solar panel installation Louisville KY can lessen your environmental impact by minimizing your carbon footprint. Solar panels Louisville KY for home allow you to have energy independence from your utility, and you can generate your own electricity on site. 

Solar systems can raise the value of your home and make it more attractive to purchasers. If you own an electric vehicle, having a household solar system can enable you to charge it with emission-free power. Therefore, residential solar can be a good financial and environmental investment in Louisville.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Even though direct sunlight offers the greatest efficiency, a solar PV system can operate without it. When it’s cloudy outside, the system still functions, but its efficiency will be somewhat diminished. 

An overcast day often results in a 70% efficiency reduction. In a country like Louisville, KY, there are around 195 sunny days each year. But at Ohio Valley Solar, we tackle the presence of clouds with solar generators.

Yes, you can get many financing options for solar PV rooftop installations in Louisville. We will help you in availing private loans under Louisville’s Energy Project Assessment District (EPAD) program.

The area for solar panel installation depends on many factors. You first need to send the documents with the area and rooftop details for the permits. We at Ohio Valley Solar will assist you in matching the checklist provided by the Office of Sustainability in Louisville.

The average payback period for a 12.06 kW solar PV system is approx 6.1 years in Louisville. A solar rooftop system has no fuel costs, little maintenance, and a significant initial outlay for installation. Thus, the utility power produced by a PV system for more than 25 years may save $65,687.

Our team at Ohio Valley Solar builds a common solar PV system to turn off if the grid’s electricity goes out in Louisville. This is done to prevent any maintenance staff from electrocuting themselves due to the power supplied to the grid by the solar PV system. However, we can create methods to divert electricity from the grid to a battery backup system in the event of a grid outage.

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