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Ohio Valley Solar: Empower Your Life With Solar Power In Covington, KY!

Covington is a city with home rule status in Kenton County, Kentucky. Solar energy is not constant here on a single given day. So a solar panel’s daily energy output is measured in terms of peak sun hours.  
The average annual sunshine in Covington is 4.7 hours. Solar businesses typically use average sunshine time data, which is gathered from many years’ worth of weather records, to determine the capacity of residential systems.  
The people of Covington city are enthusiastic about the prospect of the massive growth of a solar-powered business. Ohio Valley Solar is a positive force in Covington, serving the needs of locals and promoting progressive solar change.

Services Offered


Solar Arrays: Installation

Home solar power systems typically consist of many solar panels. The term “solar array” is used to describe a system consisting of many panels. The panels can either be installed at a predetermined angle with the south facing upwards. They can also be set on a tracking system that moves with the sun. For large industrial uses, a utility-scale PV system has hundreds of panels on a tracking system. Thus, Ohio Valley Solar provides solar arrays with grid systems at suitable prices.

Solar Generators For Home Use

Ohio Valley Solar is dedicated to helping the U.S. Department of Energy achieve its goal of making the energy sector carbon free by 2050. To that end, Ohio Valley Solar offers a range of solar energy solutions, including solar generators for home use. The generator stores electricity in a power pack or high-capacity battery. Solar panels generate direct current (DC) power, which must be converted to alternating current (AC) by an inverter. These generators allow homeowners to generate clean energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Led Lighting Installation

Solar Street LEDs: A Money Saving Choice

For a good reason, Solar Street LED Lights are becoming increasingly popular. Saving money over time is a major factor, and so is the ability to use less energy while yet getting adequate illumination. In addition to being simple to set up and producing bright LED light, the solar LED lighting system gets its power from the sun. You can forget about manually turning the solar LED light on and off. These lights turn on at night and turn off at sunrise automatically. At Ohio Valley Solar, we offer solar LED light installation and maintenance services.

Solar Power Prospects

The sun is the sheer source of energy. Solar power prospects refer to the potential of solar energy and its ability to be used as a renewable energy source. At Ohio Valley Solar, we provide solar panels which use this amount of energy and convert it into electricity.

Our Profile

Specialists at Ohio Valley Solar have been in the business for a long time. We offer advisory services to help maximize the financial benefits of your solar installation. Our experts tailor your solar energy system to your home or business with the help of our consultants and designers.

Our Reliable Customer Services

We here at Ohio Valley Solar are committed to doing what we can to ensure that future generations can enjoy a sustainable environment. Fossil fuels emit carbon dioxide into the environment. Therefore, our energy systems help you use less fossil fuel to power your home. Our experts are available 24*7 to assist you.

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A goal without a plan is just a wish! Request a free solar quote at the Ohio Valley Solar site for the completion of your solar wish. We'll run a free energy audit and discuss any additional consumption needs. Our energy analysts will provide a full price with multiple equipment and financing options to help you decide. Fill up the form here!

Power Up With Photovoltaic Panels

Solar photovoltaic panels can be installed on the ground or at the top of a building to generate electricity. Both your energy needs and your available funds will determine the size and type of panel you install. Ohio Valley Solar serves as your solar panel installer for solar energy generation in Covington.

Solar Panels: Low Maintenance

Having solar panels installed in your commercial building has many benefits. One of those is the low amount of maintenance and repair work required. But in case some fault happens, Ohio Valley Solar professionals are there to look out for.



The ability to effectively manage one’s cash flow is essential for the financial health of any small business. Installing a solar system for your company in Covington will allow you to have more control over your energy consumption. It also lowers the price of your electricity bill. Utilizing solar energy can result in significant cost reductions almost immediately. With Ohio Valley Solar, you also have the option to purchase your solar panel system using cash. There are also many different financing alternatives available. These financing ways will help you with the biggest savings possible.



With solar panel installation, you may reduce your carbon footprint and have a positive effect on the environment. You may create your own electricity without having to rely on the grid with the help of residential solar panels.
Homeowners in Covington can save money by installing panels. You can cut your monthly electricity bill by a significant amount. Solar panels also add value to your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Having a residential solar system allows you to supply your electric vehicle with clean energy without contributing to pollution. From installing to the maintenance of solar panels, Ohio Valley Solar does it all for you. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Shade and direction are just two of the criteria that are taken into account during an Ohio Valley Solar site evaluation. Our considerations like these can help us choose the most suitable PV panel system for your home in Covington.

The photoelectric effect is used by PV panels to produce electricity. These modules of semiconducting material transform the sunlight into a usable electrical current. While a high number of PV panels can keep the lights on, just a small portion of this amount is required daily.


Since the axis of the Earth is skewed in the direction of the sun, solar panels must be angled slightly. This has to be done to maximize their energy production in Covington. 

The solar array is the primary component of a standard residential solar power setup.This array is designed to convert sunlight within a narrow wavelength range into electricity.

Within milliseconds of a power outage, the grid-connect inverter will shut down automatically. This prevents unwanted “burn-outs” and back feeding into the grid, both of which could be dangerous.

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