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Solar Breakthrough With Ohio Valley Solar In Saint Croix

Ohio Valley Solar is renowned for its revolutionary solar technology in Saint Croix. Saint Croix is one of the three main islands that form the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Carribean sea. It is popularly known for its spectacular tourist destinations.   
However, we are here to add to this beauty by making it more energy independent. Saint Croix’s economy is majorly reliant on tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. Our team at Ohio Valley Solar aims to solarize every part and every sector of Saint Croix.

Why Solarize Saint Croix?

Combat Dependency On Traditional Generators

The generation of electricity in many Caribbean regions, including Saint Croix, is dependent on ecosystem-killing diesel generators. The fuel used in these generators is non-renewable and emits greenhouse gasses, resulting in mounting electricity costs. Keeping this scenario on top, Ohio Valley Solar has taken the initiative to meet Saint Croix’s solarizing goals. We will replace your expensive gas-guzzling generators with our noise-free automated solar generators.

Counter Driving Up Electricity Costs

This has been the main concern in Saint Croix. The electricity prices in the Caribbean region are higher in comparison to the other parts of the world. Considering this, the governor of Saint Croix has announced making this island 100% solar-powered as soon as possible. Ohio Valley Solar is here to manifest it’s statement into reality. We work with local organizations and aim to solarize Saint Croix.

Expanding Access To Renewable Resources

Tourist destinations majorly rely on the natural splendor and ecological preservation of the region to appeal to the visitors. As a result, these spots often have a higher demand for electricity in hotel & resort provinces. By switching to solar energy with Ohio Valley Solar, the owners of these tourist places can help reduce their carbon output. By enforcing solar power, tourist spots will preserve the environment for future descendant.

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Solar Panels

In Saint Croix, Ohio Valley Solar provides cost-effective solar panel installation services. This high-tech renewable energy resource decreases the effect of carbon-emitting energy devices. Our solar experts ensure you an easy installation and maintenance of solar panels in Saint Croix.

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Generator Systems

Automated generator systemsfrom Ohio Valley Solar are dependable for use in residences, campgrounds, noise-sensitive areas and produce no emissions. To reduce pollution and power outages, switch to our essentially quiet solar generators. Choose sustainability and move to an eco-friendly lifestyle right away.

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LED Lighting Installation

For your home or farm, Ohio Valley Solar offers calming & environmentally friendly LED lighting installation services. LEDs produce a calm atmosphere that is ideal for outdoor gatherings & lighting your homes. Thanks to their harmonious fusion of solar technology and LED illumination.

How It Works ?

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Proper Installation

After selecting the best solar technology, we carefully assess the location, obtain the required permits, and install solar panels in Saint Croix. Our solar experts ensure the finest possible solar panel installation for you.

Enduring Work Ethic

In Saint Croix, we are widely recognized for our tenacious work spirit & welcoming environment in the workplace. Our dedicated workforce exemplifies responsibility & cooperation. As a solar business, we promote an environment that encourages success & innovation.



Commercial solar systems are the best option for companies, schools, and institutions looking to reduce their environmental impact and save money on utility bills. These systems operate on a grid-tied or on-grid mode, consisting of solar panels and solar inverters. You can get these commercial solar systems from Ohio Valley Solar at inexpensive rates. They make a practical and affordable way to grow energy independently and establish your company as socially and environmentally conscious.



Making the sensible financial choice to switch to a residential solar system can result in a variety of long-term advantages. With the help of Ohio Valley Solar and our knowledgeable solar specialists, you can produce energy independently at your convenience. Additionally, you can send excess solar energy back to the grid for credit and get savings on your energy bill. By switching to solar energy, you not only save money but also help to create a cleaner atmosphere and boost your property value.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The compactness and portability are some notable benefits of solar generators. Further, their noiseless and low maintenance feature alse makes them a better and sustainable option. You can install them in your house or carry it around on your adventure hunts. Their usage flexiblity makes them a smart choice for utility fulfilment.

Residents who have installed solar panels in Saint Croix qualify for federal tax credits & other rewards from the U.S. Virgin Islands Energy Office. Moreover, regional utilities also provide net metering plans that allow owners of solar panels to sell extra generated energy. This excess energy helps them earn credits on their utility bills.

The best course of action is to keep it dry and away from dampness. A solar generator needs to be cleaned occasionally to maintain its efficacy. Dust and cobwebs should be removed, and moisture should be avoided to prevent damage. However, applying anti-corrosive paste to the generator’s exterior can stop the rusting process.   

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