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Invest in Sustainability With Ohio Valley Solar in Lincoln City

Greetings to a city named after the legend, Abraham Lincoln! And as historic as the city’s name is, its development must stay caught up. For this reason, Ohio Valley Solar is dedicated to illuminating the homes & offices of Lincoln City with the help of the sun’s energy.

 You can expect a hassle-free solar transition from us. Our solar experts are well-equipped in the installation & maintenance of commercial solar panels in Lincoln City. Our comprehensive services range from installations of LEDs to lightweight & portable generator systems.

What Do We Offer?

Generator Systems: Compact & Portable

The solar generator provided by Ohio Valley Solar is like a breath of fresh air for Lincoln City residents. Unlike traditional noisy & bothersome generators, solar generators give you silent and affordable renewable energy. This feature allows you to carry them around or install them in one place. Their lightweight & portability make them the best option for camping activities in Lincoln City.

Solar Panels: Empowering Sustainability

Adopting solar panels in Lincoln City is a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious approach to power generation. Unlike traditional fossil fuels, solar panels are a renewable and clean energy source for residential and commercial spaces. Ohio Valley Solar provides commercial solar panels installation services on rooftops or ground-mounted structures. Our skilled solar professionals will guide you through the process and ensure a smooth transition to solar power.

LED Lighting Installation

Ohio Valley Solar is proud to offer LED installation services, the ultimate embodiment of modern technology and the timeless power of the sun. With ten times the durability and energy efficiency of fluorescent lights, these bulbs will save you money on your energy bills while providing long-lasting light. Our LED lighting installation services are both powerful and smart, and can be retrofitted into any lighting fixture, no matter how old or modern.

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Reduces The Risk of Environmental Disasters

Solar power eliminates or reduces the need for mining, drilling, and transporting fossil fuels. By using solar power, we can reduce carbon emissions and climate change, which can cause natural disasters.

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Access To Clean Water

Solar energy can power water pumps by installing PV panels. This solar energy can power water pumps that draw water from underground wells, rivers, or lakes. Using solar power to pump water can make clean water accessible, thus promoting better health and quality of life.

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Power Communication Device

Solar power illuminates streetlights by installing PV panels on the lights or nearby structures. This electricity can be stored in batteries and used to power lights at night, reducing the need for traditional infrastructure.

How It Works ?

Get Free Guidance

You certainly don’t want to be regretting later for not being well-informed before investing in solar technology. We at Ohio Valley Solar value your time and money investment. Just by filling out the form you get our free guidance and make an informed decision.

Excellent Work Ethic

At Ohio Valley Solar, we are known for demonstrating our commitment to social responsibility & community engagement. As a solar company, we aim to make our solar installers into high-quality professionals who have accountability & teamwork.

We Cover It All

We develop installation plans, get permits, and do municipal examinations. After following these steps, we analyze remote aerial imagery and work with your utility provider to activate your access to solar technology.



If you’re seeking an effective way to reduce your business’s energy costs and environmental impact, commercial solar panels systems are a preferred option. These systems are commonly used in businesses, schools, and institutions and operate on a grid-tied, or on-grid mode, utilizing solar panels and solar inverters. By partnering with Ohio Valley Solar, you can make a hassle-free and budget-friendly switch to commercial solar systems, which will not only benefit your bottom line but also enhance your business’s reputation.



A residential solar system is a long-term smart investment that can bring many financial benefits. This comprises: – Providing clean energy – Saving money on your energy bill – Protecting the environment – Reducing your carbon footprint – Making you more energy independent. Ohio Valley Solar is a local solar installer that enables you to produce electricity on demand, reducing your dependence on the grid and electricity costs. Our team of experienced solar experts can help you find the right residential solar system for your needs.

What people say


Most frequent questions and answers

Solar panels are designed to last for several decades. Most manufacturers offer solar panels with 25-30 years of warranty and are expected to retain 80% of their efficiency after 25 years. Be sure to consult the best solar company in Lincoln City to choose efficient solar panels and other components of your home’s solar power system.

Some solar powered LED lights can be turned off. But not all solar street lights have a turn-off option. This is because the battery needs to be charged and discharged to achieve a longer lifespan.

Solar panels can provide small amounts of power to run small electronic devices anywhere with the sun. LED lights take on so little power that they do not need a strong light source to work. These two factors make them ideal for use in places where sunlight is limited.

For instance- 

  • You can light your backyard
  • Add it to your garden, so you know your prized possession flowers are safe
  • The rarely used back gate of the house
  • Boundary walls or fences and many more
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