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Solar Panels In Lamar: Eco-Friendly Way To Power Your Life!

Lamar is a prime location for installing solar panels because of its ideal latitude, humidity levels, and sunny climate. The town is well-suited for solar energy generation due to an average of 209 sunny days per year.   
In addition, several rebates and tax credits up to 30% are available to people who go solar. Those homeowners are eligible for a sales tax exemption on the equipment they use and a property tax exemption from the state.

What Do We Offer?

LED Lighting Installation

LED lights are a brilliant illustration of how innovation and environmentally friendly technology are helping to promote a better future. In Lamar, these LEDs are illuminating the town’s streets, buildings and laying the foundation for a better tomorrow.

Ohio Valley Solar is a reputable and knowledgeable provider of full LED Lighting installation services. We provide a range of services tailored to meet each of our client’s particular requirements, emphasizing energy efficiency and sustainability.

Generator Systems

Imagine setting up camp in a distant spot, miles away from any power source. And you are unable to charge your phone, power your lights, and even run your small appliances. With portable generator systmes, you can accomplish exactly that, all while enjoying the calm and quiet of nature.

So if you’re seeking a dependable and convenient portable solar generators option in Lamar, Ohio Valley Solar is here to help you. We offer complete portable solar generator solutions.

Solar Panel Installation

Ohio Valley Solar provides grid-tied and off-grid solar panel solutions. Off-grid solutions are ideal for anyone who wants to create their own clean, renewable energy. Grid-tied systems help people reduce energy costs and carbon emissions by connecting solar power to their local power source.  
Ohio Valley Solar provides you the greatest service and support regardless of your choice. So why wait? Get in touch with us right away to take the first step toward a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.
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Solar power generation systems do not release any harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As a result, it's a green energy option that helps cut down on pollution and global warming.

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A Wide Range Of Uses

Solar energy is harnessed for many different purposes, including electricity generation, water heating, and transportation. That's why it's such a flexible energy option, applicable in many different contexts.

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Minimal Maintenance

Solar panels generate electricity even on overcast days due to their adaptability. As they require very little maintenance over a long period of time, over 25 years. Solar panels in Lamar are an excellent choice for various power needs.

How It Works ?

Get A Free Quotation

Getting an estimate is a good idea if you're thinking about making the transition to solar power. Quotes from Ohio Valley Solar are free of charge. So why wait? Take the first step towards a greener tomorrow by requesting a free estimate from Ohio Valley Solar right now.

Site Visit

A site visit is a crucial component of the solar installation process. It is important because it gives the Ohio Valley Solar team a time to assess your property. Moreover, make any necessary changes to the design and installation of your solar panel system.

Solar Installation

We will ensure the installation is safe and up to code by following all applicable safety procedures. We'll take extra care to make the installation appear great. While also ensuring the panels are set up in a way that serves its purpose while still being aesthetically acceptable.



Based on a recent research study found that solar panels in Lamar can reduce electricity costs for businesses in the United States by 75% on average. Businesses that have access to solar energy can keep running despite power outages and other disruptions to the electrical system.
Ohio Valley Solar is committed to providing first-rate commercial solar services to businesses in the Lamar location. Ohio Valley Solar’s skilled experts assist businesses of any scale in transitioning to sustainable power.


Imagine powering up your home with clean, green sources and saving money on electricity. This dream is possible with residential solar panels in Lamar. As per NREL research, solar-powered homes save $1,000 per year on electricity. The federal solar tax credit reduces solar panel installation costs by 26%.   
When choosing residential solar solutions, experience, certifications, and customer service are all important considerations. Ohio Valley Solar provides homeowners with a complete solar solution, so they can rest easy knowing all your needs will be covered.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Grid-connected, standalone, hybrid, and concentrated solar power systems are all solar energy systems. When it comes to providing power to homes and businesses, grid-tied systems are the way to go.

Power can be provided to outlying places using off-grid technologies not tied to the traditional power grid. Concentrated solar power systems concentrate sunlight on a small area using mirrors or lenses to create energy. While hybrid systems mix grid-tied and off-grid systems.

Solar thermal systems can be used to heat water and provide space heating and cooling from solar panels. These setups utilize the warmth of the sun to warm water or air that can then be used to warm or cool a building.

With net metering, homeowners who install solar panels on their roofs can get paid for any extra power they generate and send back into the power grid. When the solar power system is unable to meet the household’s electricity needs, the credits can be used to reduce the cost of electricity.

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