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Living Earth-Friendly In Bistrow With Ohio Valley Solar

Bistrow is an unincorporated community located in the southern part of Indiana, United States. This part of Indiana experiences four distinct seasons. The rainy season being the most dominant of them. With an average of 201 sunny days annually, switching to solar is the most ideal in Bistrow. One of the leading solar companies, Ohio Valley Solar, is here to support you in making the switch to go green. Our vision is to create a resource-efficient living solution for everyone at sensible prices. We educate and cooperate with the people of Bistrow at ground level and contribute towards a Green Earth. 

What Do We Offer?

LED Lighting Installation

Installation of LED lighting is an energy-efficient way to minimize your energy costs. Manufactured to be all-weather and universally compatible, these LEDs are your best friend in all situations. Ohio Valley Solar’s objective is to ensure LEDs are accessible to all at affordable prices. Our electricians are skilled in providing LED lighting installation services in a wide range of electrical models, keeping you worry-free in all seasons.

Generator Systems

A fully automated solar generator is here to get placed in your homes and offices. This solar generator system uses renewable energy from the Sun, unlike fossil fuels which contribute to pollution. Ohio Valley Solar offers a portable solar generator system requiring significantly less maintenance. These generators work on a closely integrated battery system, a charge controller, and an inverter that converts solar energy into electric current. Our solar specialists will help you select the ideal generator system for you. 

Solar Panel Installation in Bistrow

Solar panel system works in majorly three modes – grid tied, Off-grid and Hybrid. The installation of solar panels includes several steps, like a site assessment, design, permitting, and installation. With the help of Ohio Valley Solar’s professionals, you can install solar panels on rooftops or on ground-mounted structures. As solar panels are built waterproof and durable, there is no risk of them being damaged by weather conditions. We also provide maintenance services for solar panels in Bistrow.

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Bistrow Goes Solar

Solar power in all parts of Indiana, including Bistrow, has been growing rapidly in recent years. On average, 18% of electrical energy in the whole of Indiana has been achieved by rooftop solar panel installations.

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Solar Incentives

Financial incentives include a 26% federal tax credit on solar projects, irrespective of their size, which has increased their demand. New technological improvements and rebates are going to save a lot of money on solar panel installation and solar generators.

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Value enhancer

Ohio Valley Solar makes it effortless for homeowners to increase their home value. By switching to solar power, you can also increase your home value by at least 4.1%. With an average home value of $188,463 at present times, the addition of solar panels will increase its value by $7,727.

How It Works ?

Get FREE Estimate

We understand it can be a cumbersome decision to solarize your home or commercial space. Which one to choose? What size is right for you? We are here to resolve all of your doubts. Get in touch with us for a FREE estimate. Don’t forget to fill out the form!

Site Inspection

Once we are in touch with you and you have got your estimates. From there, we are a team, and we will work in close coordination with you. From visiting the site to cooperating with your preferred network provider, we check all the boxes before activating the solar system for you.

Go Green

We mean it when we say we have got it covered for you. From taking remote aerial imagery to creating proper installation plans, all of it is taken care of by us. We ensure to take all the mandatory permits and get it working for you.



Generally used in businesses and commercial spaces, a Grid-tied solar system is connected to a power grid. These systems consist of solar panels, solar inverters, and multiple other solar components. The installation of a commercial solar system decreases energy consumption costs to a great extent. This power grid absorbs the sunlight and converts it into electricity, which can be used to power the building or stored for later use. A commercial solar system holds the capability to diminish or eliminate electricity expenses by upto 100% for over 25 years.



Residential solar systems are a boon for homeowners in today’s time. Whether you are overwhelmed by rising utility bills or trying to save big money in the long run. Investing in a residential solar system can be a profitable investment for you and your family. These solar systems benefit in many ways, like zero carbon emission, diminished utility expenses plus and increased property value. With our team’s estimation, you can decide the size, cost, and number of solar panels needed.   
Not to forget the tax incentives and credits you get with installing a residential solar system!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, generators require fuel to generate electricity. They typically run on natural gas to power the internal combustion engine that drives the generator’s electrical generator or alternator.

Our answer is Yes! LEDs can survive seasonal fluctuations. These lights are designed and manufactured keeping functionality and longevity in mind.

Our service charges range according to the service provided. We assure you that maintaining transparency and clear communication with our customers is what we value. Our technicians are going to be thorough with you at every step. So you get to make the final call.

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