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Ohio Valley Solar: High-quality Solar Panels in Indianapolis, IN for Thrifty Generation

Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana state, which is a bountiful place when it comes to solar resources. The solar energy system is among the very low-cost layout for generating electricity here.   
Ohio Valley Solar is continually spending its time in renewable energy development by installing Indianapolis solar panels. It is forecasted that in the coming times, the prices of solar energy systems will keep decreasing in Indianapolis. We understand that the increased activity in this market will lead to good growth in the future as well.
Thus, we are contributing in the long-term planning for the use of renewable energy. For this, we provide solar panel installation services in Indianapolis, IN and its nearby areas including Beech Grove, Warren Park, Speedway, & more to help you save big on electricity bills!

What Do We Offer?


LED Lighting Installation Services

Our LED Lighting installation services cater to a wide array of industries, from residential to commercial sectors. Our teams of licensed and insured experts are experienced in handling all installation complexities to ensure seamless lighting transitions. Our LED installation services incorporate modern and efficient solutions, promising excellent performance and extended lifespan for your LED lights.

Saving Energy With Generator System

Kerwin Olson is the Executive Director of Citizens Action Coalition. According to him, “your homes usually waste 20-40% of the energy they consume on average”. That is why there is a need for home energy audits for every home. These audits help in sizing the units to be used in small or large homes using solar generators. Ohio Valley Solar installs solar powered generators for a purpose. We want to provide you electricity even during power outages in Indianapolis, IN. 

Led Lighting Installation

Rooftop Grid Solar System

“For installing a Grid tied solar system, your rooftop needs to be in good condition”. This was said by Zach Schalk who is Indiana program director for the nonprofit Solar United Neighbors. You might also get paid back for the energy generated by the grid system. In the grid system, excess energy returns to the grid that creates a credit for times when the sun is not shining. That’s why Ohio Valley Solar provides affordable grid system installation in Indianapolis, IN.     

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Explore Solar

Ohio Valley Solar takes full responsibility for installing Indianapolis solar panels. Our panels are made of photovoltaic cells. We follow all the guidelines for getting a permit to install the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System as per your local government. Rest assured with our solar services!

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Adopt Solar Energy

When you use the Solar energy system in Indianapolis, even when not for 100% - You still save a lot of money. It’s always profitable to switch to solar energy and Ohio Valley Solar helps you do just that. Explore all the reasons in depth.

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Initiative To Upgrade

By 2025, Indianapolis wants to have 20% of its energy to come from renewable sources. They have done that to fulfill the solar development goals set by individual communities. Ohio Valley Solar supports you in achieving them!

How It Works ?

Get A Quotation

You can get a free quotation if you want to begin a solar energy project for your household. For this, call us directly or fill out the form. available online. We will monitor if your land meets all the criteria for citing authority and offer you cost details.

Solar Panel Set-Up

There are many Indiana communities that follow their own best practices for solar energy development. Ohio Valley Solar supports you in these practices during solar panel installation. We will assist you regarding solar panel replacement as well later on.

Harnessing The Advantages Of Solar Energy

Utilizing solar energy systems leads to the direct economic benefit to the community and the local government. This happens through tax revenue and other such agreements with society. Ohio Valley Solar knows how to make those gains reach you!



Businesses have their own commercial buildings and can utilize solar power no matter what size. Commercial Indianapolis solar panels are very reliable and require less maintenance. Solar panels are built in such a way that they can bear even harsh weather. Once solar panel installation Indianapolis is complete, you won’t ever need to pay again and electricity bills get reduced as well.  
Besides this, the ROI you get after installing solar panels is a lot more in comparison to what your business invests. The cost of installing them has also become very less. Moreover, with the Grid system you can earn Federal tax credits too by excess energy.     


Solar energy system installation for residents of Indianapolis is a blessing. Over the long term, a solar power system can offer a high return on your investment. You will get the most savings with our experts at Ohio Valley Solar who will work with you. We will combine flexible financing choices with government incentives. You will be investing in energy independence by spending on our solar panel installation services.  
Every residential solar panels Indianapolis installation has unique solar power generation features. We will first discuss with you about your solar goals and evaluate the site of your home before we can estimate a price. You will also learn about the potential savings by solar panels for home.

What people say


Most frequent questions and answers

Installing solar panels in Indianapolis can significantly reduce your monthly electric bills. Especially when compared to your electric company, with savings of up to 90%. At Ohio Valley Solar, we are dedicated to assisting our customers in realizing immediate savings. We do this through various financing options available.

If your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan (typically 20-25 years, depending on the type), it may be time for a replacement. To get a quote for the cost of removing and your solar panel installation Indianapolis, please contact our support team.

The process of utilizing solar power includes several steps, such as:

consultation, design, permitting, installation, inspection, and energization. 

Each of these steps has its own unique process in Indianapolis. When you choose Ohio Valley Solar for your solar needs, we strive to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. We maintain this for you throughout the entire process.

The Federal Tax Credit incentivizes the use of renewable energy by offering a tax credit to owners of properties in Indianapolis. It’s only when you meet specific performance and quality standards. This credit can be applied as a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of income tax you owe. For more detailed information on how to claim the credit, get in touch with our professionals.

Grid tied solar panels need minimal maintenance, but regular inspections and occasional cleaning. It can help ensure their optimal performance. This includes washing the panels with water when there is visible dirt or dust buildup. You can also inspect the panels for any visual defects and check for rust on the mounting hardware. It’s important to keep an eye on it to ensure your Indianapolis solar panels are working at their best.

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