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Fort Wayne is situated in the northeastern part of Indiana, 120 miles northeast of Indianapolis and 148 miles northwest of Ohio. Fort Wayne, with latitude 41.09 and -85.139236 longitude, receives hours of direct sunlight during the day’s peak.  
The average peak sun hours in Fort Wayne are also useful since they provide information on when a solar power system will be most efficient. On average, a panel is installed at an angle equivalent to Fort Wayne’s latitude to get sufficient solar energy for panels.
Ohio Valley Solar customers in Fort Wayne, IN, and nearby cities including Huntertown, New Haven, Leo-Cedarville, & more reduce their energy bills by utilizing solar panels Fort Wayne. These bills will be less by utilizing solar power in their homes or businesses. This renewable energy solution is an effective way to save money and protect the environment.

What Do We Offer?

LED Lighting Installation Services

LEDs have been hailed as a game-changing innovation in the lighting industry. LED equipment like LED bulbs has many advantages over more conventional lighting options. These options are such as increased durability, lower energy use, and longer service life. In order to generate illumination, semiconductor chips are used in LED lights, making them a sort of solid-state lighting. When compared to other light sources, its efficiency is astounding. LED lighting systems, offered by Ohio Valley Solar, give an alternative route for low-cost incentives.

Generator Systems

In contrast to a diesel backup generator, there is no need to buy fuel or parts for a solar generator that runs on solar panels Fort Wayne. As a clean and renewable energy source, solar generators are quickly gaining popularity as a power solution. Solar powered generators power various electronic devices, including TVs and refrigerators. Ohio Valley Solar provides solar generators with a backup emergency power source for your business or project.

PV Panels

Jayson Waller is the founder and CEO of one of the most popular home solar companies. According to him, “a widespread misperception is that PV (photovoltaic panels) panels are only worth it in sunny states.” Through the use of a charge controller, photovoltaic panels may convert DC electrical energy from sunshine. The charge controller regulates the battery charging and discharging process. Ohio Valley Solar provides PV panels with their off-grid and grid-tied systems at economical prices.

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Let’s Go With Solar

As a conventional energy source, the sun generates enough energy per second to provide human power demands for many years. Ohio Valley Solar helps you renovate the future with our solar services.

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Where We Stand

Ohio Valley Solar has a unique place in the world today because of our strong and client-centered philosophy. We always look for world-class quality for our products according to the demands of our customers. At Ohio Valley Solar, we believe where we stand today is just the beginning!

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Lead The Change

Ohio Valley Solar is one of the top companies that use cutting-edge technology in business agreements. These agreements are for solar photovoltaic module centers or other solar projects. Ohio Valley Solar is leading the charge for change.

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Solar energy is on the rise as the people of Fort Wayne continue to invest in renewable energy sources. If you want to receive a quick estimate or have more information about Ohio Valley Solar panel services for your area, leave a quote.


PV panel installations on your rooftop increase the value of your home in the housing market. Ohio Valley Solar is always there to listen and offer you cost-effective services on installations of solar panels Fort Wayne.

Advantages Of Solar Energy

An average-sized solar system in Fort Wayne, IN, can provide a long-term cost reduction over the course of coming years. This is one of the major advantages of considering Ohio Valley Solar energy services for your future prospects. We can complete your solar dream way before



According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the 30% solar investment tax credit (ITC) can be claimed on federal corporate income taxes. These taxes are claimed for a solar panel system installed during the tax year.
Solar and PV storage systems can help firms manage energy output and use during company operations as well as emergency planning. Another major benefit as far as commercial point of view, PV panel installations can be used both as an energy source and as a job creator, which is a game changer. Many job opportunities are created by solar energy investments rather than by other investments. It saves you a lot of money!


According to Forbes, the Average Household Kilowatt hour used per month in Indiana is 938.22.
You get the ability to generate your own electricity and become self-sufficient. This means that a solar-powered home can reduce its reliance on the grid for its electricity needs. Residential solar gives you the freedom to decide where your home gets its power, putting you in charge. 
Solar panels Fort Wayne provide consistency & dependability, as you cannot monopolize the sun’s presence. This, in addition to solar panels’ ease of use, is a significant boon to solar power because it ensures reliable access to electricity at all times.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! Solar panels Fort Wayne provided by the Ohio Valley are kept safe by a sheet of glass. The delicate parts that make up the solar panels are covered by glass.

Yes, Ohio Valley Solar in Fort Wayne provides cost-effective services. We provide installation of solar panels Fort Wayne at a cheap rate to fix your budget.

Ohio Valley Solar conducts a site assessment to evaluate factors such as shading and orientation. These factors can determine the best PV panel system for your property in Fort Wayne.

The duration of the warranty for Ohio Valley Solar’s PV panel systems is something that depends on your particular project in Fort Wayne.

The basic concept of a solar generator is deceptively straightforward. Solar panels should be placed in full sunshine to maximize their energy harvest. PV copper-stranded wire carries this power to a charge controller. The charge controller controls the flow of electricity to the battery bank.

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