Ohio Valley Solar


“Going solar was a great choice for us and Ohio Valley Solar made it very simple!”

Cathy H

“I am happy with our installation and the better than expected production of our panels!”

Jamie L

“I had always wanted to go solar and Ohio Valley Solar made it a reality for me!”

Kevin P

“Preparing for retirement by reducing as many monthly costs as possible was why I went solar!”

Tom C

“Going solar wasn’t a quick sell to me, I shopped around and came back to Ohio Valley Solar!”

Ross W

“Easy from the first meeting. I would use Ohio Valley Solar again without hesitation!”

Rey V

“I view solar as an investment in my future and I am pleased with the results so far!”

Nancy B

“After installing LED lighting in my store and getting our usage under control we went the next step and installed solar on it. Lowering the overhead means increasing profits!”

Rita C

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